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Cars world/ what is the difference between 3 cylinder and 4 cylinder engine, which is better

When you go to buy or read the specifications of a car and often hear that it has a 3-cylinder or 4-cylinder engine. The sales person standing in the showroom also says that the 4-cylinder engine is more powerful than the 3-cylinder one. He argues that the 3-cylinder engine makes more noise. Let’s know today what is the difference between a 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder engine, as well as what are the advantages and disadvantages …

What is car cylinder

Let’s first know about the car cylinder what it is. Actually the car cylinder is the life of the engine. As the car drives the engine, the engine drives the cylinders. It can be said that cylinders are the power houses of a car engine. Cylinders in these car engine cylinders have pistons. When the mixture of fuel and air is ignited in the combustion chamber above the piston, it is lowered through the cylinder and connecting rods and it drives the crankshaft, pushing the unburned gases backwards.

In the car cylinder itself, the pistons of the engine move through the crankshaft inside the rings. If you have a 3-cylinder car, three cylinders give a movement to the engine.

3-cylinder and 4-cylinder comparison

The capacity of the engine is affected by the number of cylinders. While the 4-cylinder generates power at every 90 degree rotation of the crankshaft, the 3-cylinder generates power at every 120 degrees rotation of the crankshaft of the engine. Both the engine’s power-generating capacity, timing and technology determine its performance and fuel efficiency.

Advantages of 3-cylinder engine

  • The 3-cylinder engine consumes less fuel than the 4-cylinder, giving the vehicle more mileage. Nowadays 3-cylinder engine is coming in small cars, which make it more fuel efficient.
  • This also reduces the cost of the engine. Less cylinder i.e. lower cost. This is the reason 3-cylinder engines are becoming the choice of car manufacturers.
  • When the engine is small, there will be more space in the interior. Which will give more legroom.
  • Having less number of cylinders will cause less friction between metal to metal, which will cost fuel work volume and provide a smooth movement.

3-cylinder engine disadvantages

  • Having a small number of cylinders increases the response time of the engine, although the difference is very minor, but people who drive a 4-cylinder car may feel it.
  • Right now, a 3-cylinder engine needs a little more work. 3-cylinder engines are more noisy than 4-cylinder engines.

Advantages of 4-cylinder engine

The four-cylinder engine gives more power and gives more rpm.

  • The 4-cylinder engine is more responsive and produces more spark.
  • Having more cylinders increases the capacity of the engine and the engine works better without any problems.

4-cylinder engine disadvantages

  • 4-cylinder engines are more expensive than 3-cylinder engines, which increases the cost of the vehicle.
  • The disadvantage of having more cylinders is that fuel costs increase, while the engine is heavier, resulting in lower mileage. More friction also affects the pocket.

Who is better in 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder

If you compare the two engines, then both the engines are designed according to the needs of different customers. If one wants performance with power, one can opt for a four-cylinder engine. For the first time, if you are buying a car, as well as the price with the mileage, it can give importance to the 3-cylinder engine.

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