Health: Should men urinate while sitting or standing?

In many countries, in many cultures, children are taught that boys stand and urinate while girls sit. But now the health departments of many countries are raising questions about this widely spread and natural notion. How should men urinate? This question is often asked about health and cleanliness, and for some people it is also a matter of equal rights. Then who is right? And the most important question is, which method is right for men?

There is nothing easier for most men than standing and urinating. It also tackles work quickly and is also a practical way. Have you ever seen long queues outside men’s public urinals? In fact, you have rarely seen a queue there. The men go in and leave shortly. There are two reasons behind this quick process.

Men can urinate immediately because they do not have to remove too many clothes to do so.

Because men’s urinals occupy less space than cubicles (miniature chambers). Therefore, if urinal is engaged, more men can urinate in less space. But many experts tell how the condition of the body while urinating, it also affects the amount of urine passing out. But many experts tell how the condition of the body while urinating, it also affects the amount of urine passing out.

The science behind urinating

Let us know how we urinate. Urine is formed in our kidneys. The kidneys separate the wastes from our blood. Then this urine collects in a bag. That is why we avoid going to the toilet again and again, able to sleep comfortably at night and able to work during the day. Typically the bladder can collect up to 300 to 600 milliliters of urine. But when it is two-thirds full, we start feeling the need to urinate.

To completely clear the bladder, our nervous system must be completely recovered. Because this system tells us when to go to the toilet and if there is no place around, how long and how much urine can we stop. When we reach a comfortable position to urinate, our pelvic floor muscles and a round muscle innervating the urethra expands. Then our bladder shrinks and empties urine into the urethra, the urethra. In this way urine comes out of the body.

Is it right to sit or stand?

A healthy man should not need to force to urinate. But sometimes such permanent or temporary situations arise with men that they find it difficult to urinate. A study by a scientific publication called Plus One says that it can be beneficial for men who have prostate swelling and difficulty due to this, to sit and urinate.

In this study a comparison was made between healthy men and men struggling with lower urinary tract symptoms LUTS. LUTS is also known as prostate syndrome. It was found that if the men struggling with LUTS sit down, the pressure from their urethral area decreases. This makes the process of urinating for them smooth and brief. But no difference was observed in healthy men standing and sitting or urinating.

How to make the right decision for yourself

In Britain, the National Health Service (NHS) suggests men experiencing difficulty in urination should sit comfortably in a good place to urinate. You may have also heard that sitting and urinating does not cause prostate cancer and the sex life of men improves. There is no truth in these things because there is no evidence and no such study is available.

Problems caused by men

If men stand and urinate, then there is a danger of spreading them, which is not considered good according to hygiene. Toilets which are used by more people also, there is a very bad situation like this. Therefore, it is now being emphasized that men sit and urinate only.

It begins with Sweden in 2012 when a local politician was so traumatized by the condition of public toilets in his town that he began to find creative ways to inspire men to take care of the convenience of others as well. He wanted people to pay attention to cleanliness and people should not have to set foot in any dirty place when going to public toilets. A debate started from here and now in many European countries, such as Germany, there is a rule about public toilets that you cannot stand and urinate in a toilet. Even if you are a male, you have to sit and pee.

Some toilets have signs like traffic signs that standing and urinating is prohibited. But the men who sit and urinate are called ‘Sitzpinkler’ and it is shown that doing so is not manly behavior. People have even started putting up such signs in their homes where male guests are requested to sit and urinate.

In 2015, a court case in Germany was in the news. A landlord sought compensation for the damage to the marble floor in his bathroom. The landlord claimed that the floor was damaged due to the urine of the tenant. But the judge decided in favor of the tenant

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