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Mindfulness can reduce negativity, pain – 5 ways to become more self-aware for a healthy body and mind

  • Mindfulness is the feeling of being aware about one’s own thoughts, and surroundings, without judgement.
  • A recent study suggests mindfulness can reduce negative feelings and physical pain.
  • Previously, studies have shown links of mindfulness with better mental and heart health.

New Delhi: Given the time and era we live in, stress is inevitable. Causes and factors that cause stress are around us, at all times. Sleep deprivation, traffic, work pressure, lack of a work-life balance, and many other causes of stress can lead to negative emotions and a low feeling. At the same time, our physical health is also suffering, which is causing pains and aches in almost all parts of our body – the feet and legs, head, stomach, back, etc, caused due to injury, poor posture, unhealthy diet, etc. 

According to a recent study, it has been found that even a brief introduction to mindfulness can help people reduce negative feelings, and feelings of pain, in more effective ways. Researchers found that the effects of mindfulness were very profound, and even when participants of the study were subjected to high heat on their forearm, their brain perceived it as normal temperature. 

According to the study, the brain was responding to warm temperature, and not very high heat. The study was published in the Journal of Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience.

What is mindfulness?

Given the findings of the study, mindfulness does sound effective, and important. Mindfulness, as the study defines it, is the awareness and acceptance of a situation without judgement. It is being aware of self, and one’s surroundings, and accepting thoughts, environment, and vibes, without trying to change them. 

According to the study, mindfulness has shown to have benefits in treating conditions like anxiety and depression, apart from reducing physical pain.

How can you increase mindfulness in simple, easy ways:

To increase mindfulness, one does not have to master the skill. Just finding a little more time to be aware of your surroundings, body and mind, and finding a way to disconnect, can go a long way. Here are 5 ways you can increase mindfulness and feel healthier and happier.


Meditation is one of the most commonly recommended ways to increase mindfulness. You do not have to master meditation from the first try itself. Just try to focus on your thoughts, and become more aware of them. Every time you notice you have wandered, try to come back to them and address them. 

Meditation can help you begin your day in a calm, pleasant manner. People who have trouble sleeping can also benefit from meditation.

Spending time in nature:

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to increase mindfulness. Whenever you have time, try to take a walk in the park, or visit the nearby woods.

The chirping of the birds, sounds of animals, trees, etc soothes our mind and also helps us realise how small our problems are, as compared to the universe. 

Digital detox:

With the advent of social media, and how dependent we have become on technology lately, detox has a new variant – called the digital detox. Detox, in its traditional way, meant eating healthy foods full of antioxidants, but digital detox refers to switching off all our devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Social media and the internet have been linked with poor mental health time and again, and breaking away from them for a day or two in the week, can help increase mindfulness and connect to the real world.


Writing down your thoughts helps you get clarity, and can also serve as great memories when you look back. Journaling your feelings, or thoughts can help increase mindfulness. It can help you understand the sources of negativity and bad feelings and address them in the right way.

Try to find some time to sit on a park bench, or in your balcony, and write how you feel at that time. It is likely to make you feel better instantly. 


Yoga has been found to be healthy for the mind and the body. Yoga can help increase mindfulness by helping the brain concentrate and become more focused. Yoga is also a great exercise routine which can prevent, treat and cure various health issues.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a professional healthcare provider if you have any specific questions about any medical matter.

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