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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp’s reply to Manchester United fan’s letter is winning the internet

  1. Liverpool presently have a 22-point lead at the top of the English Premier League standings.
  2. A young Manchester United fan, Daragh Curley, wrote Klopp a letter asking him to make Liverpool lose its remaining games.
  3. Klopp gave a humbling response to Curly and has won several hearts on social media for the same.

There’s no doubting that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp remains one of the most loved coaches across the globe. His energy, humility and passion for the game aren’t hidden from any fan, even those who support Liverpool’s rival clubs. As the German boss edges closer to helping the Reds win their first league title in the Premier League era, a Manchester United fan sent a letter to Klopp urging him not to let Liverpool win any of their remaining games in the league. His reply was as glorious as it can get.

Liverpool are unbeaten in the league so far, winning 25 of their 26 matches so far and hold a 22-point lead at the top of the EPL table. Their biggest rivals, Man Utd, meanwhile have struggled to get into the top four and presently are placed 7th in the league with just 10 wins in 26 matches.

A young United fan, named Daragh Curley, wrote an adorable letter to Klopp seeking help but little did he or his parents know that the German tactician would go on to reply to his plea.

“Liverpool are winning too many games. If you win nine more games then you have the best unbeaten run in English football. Being a United fan that is very sad,” Curley wrote. “So the next time Liverpool play, please make them lose. You should just let the other team score. I hope I have convinced you to not win the league or any other match ever again.”

Klopp, living up to his reputation of a gentleman, gave the most heartwarming of replies to the young Red Devils fan while humbly denying his request to lose Liverpool’s remaining matches.

“Unfortunately, on this occasion, I cannot grant your request, not through choice anyway,” Klopp wrote in an official letter sent to the fan by Liverpool. “As much as you want Liverpool to lose, it is my job to do everything that I can to help Liverpool to win as there are millions of people around the world who want that to happen so I really do not want to let them down.”

What touched the fans’ hearts on social media was the fact that Klopp showed immense respect towards the fan and his club Manchester United.

“I can safely say that one thing that will not change is your passion for football and for your club. Manchester United are lucky to have you,” he further wrote. “Although our clubs are great rivals we also share a great respect for one another. This, to me, is what football is all about.”

There’s a gulf of difference between the Manchester United and Liverpool teams this season. While it is going to be tough for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men to finish in the top four, Klopp’s side looks set to break some big records this term.

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