If you have a V mark in your hand, then you will also have a love marriage

We are all aware that marriage is the most important part of everyone’s life and all are desperate to get married. In such a situation, everyone thinks that our love will be converted to marriage or not. In such a situation, today we will tell you how to read in your hand if you will be doing love marriage or arrange marriage.

It is said that at the last point of fingers on the palm, if you make a mark of heart line V, then it is a sign of happy and successful love marriage. It is said that the mark of V is also considered a symbol of Lord Vishnu in the Hindu handline and it indicates that the person will achieve success in matters of love and relationship. With this, such people always get married to the person whom they expect for love and support throughout their life.

# It is said that if there is a mark of a cross on the Guru mountain in the hands of a person, then it is a successful love marriage. With this, such natives get such a life partner that they understand them well.

# It is said that if a special line comes out of the lunar mountain and meets the lucky line, then there is love marriage and if this line comes from the lunar mountain, there is a lot of romance in life.

# It is said that even if there is a mark of the cross on Guru Parvat, it is cherry on the cake, but this line coming out of the lunar mountain should not cut the fate line, otherwise the love marriage will not happen.

# It is said that if some small lines come out of the heart line and go through the sun line, then love is married in the life of a person and if any line comes out of the Venus mountain if it is found with the lucky line, there is also a love marriage.

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