Palmistry : This Mount on hand indicates big events of life

This mountain of hands indicates many events

Mount Mercury in the palm is considered very important. This mountain pointed to many events in life. The line originating from the mountain of Mercury and reaching from other mountains on this mountain has a great influence in life. According to astrologist Pt. Abhi Bharadwaj, if any line from Mercury region reaches Mount Mars, then there is no place for success and progress in the life of such a person.

Mercury mountain in the palm of the hand is the space between the palm of the palm and the brain line. According to Abhi Bhardwaj, the people of Mount Mercury have a great interest in science. Such people also get success in business. Such people have a lot of desire to get ahead in life. Such people are more hardworking and progressive than ordinary people. If such people work in the field of research, then one day earn three names, fame and money through their works in the world. If your Mercury mountain is developed then you can do something special in the world of science.

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