Trace this line on your palm to know if you can ever be rich.

Palmistry, which predicts a person’s future by analyzing the lines on the palm, enjoys a long tradition. While some people believe in this branch of knowledge, others are skeptical. However, it is seen that lines on the palm can give indications about profession; good and bad fortune; talents and drawbacks of the person.

Astrologers can read lines related to money and foretell the future prospects in this regard. For instance, the sign of a trident on the Mount of Sun indicates that the person would be the owner of a house soon. Wealth will also come into their possession.

A clear sun line can be interpreted as a pointer to enjoying money, prosperity, a comfortable life during old age, an own house and worldly pleasures. The trident sign at its tip reflects a fortunate existence and the skill to earn money. However, such people may be vulnerable to ailments related to the eye.

Meanwhile, the money line starts from below the index finger. It is said that the presence of this line attracts wealth in large amounts.

According to palmistry, a person would certainly become rich if he or she has a clear sun line ending in a trident shape along with a money maker line in the mount of Jupiter close to the thumb.

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