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Tokyo Olympic: Pakistani Equestrian named the horse ‘Azad Kashmir’, said- it will help in finding Sponsor

Pakistani horseman Usman Khan (38) has named his horse Azad Kashmir. He is the first athlete in the country to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. Usman said he would not like to change the name of his horse, as the name would help him find a sponsor to go to the Olympics. The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has filed a complaint considering the horse’s name as being motivated by political issues. This time the Olympics will take place in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, from 24 July to 9 August.

According to local media, Usman is currently in Australia. Usman said that this is a trivial issue. The horse has not been named in view of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir of India. The name was already registered in April 2019 before the issue of Jammu and Kashmir (removal of Article 370).

‘Everything happened according to the rules’

Usman said, “I am looking for a sponsor right now who can afford me and my horse Azad Kashmir and help us get to Tokyo Olympics.” The first was ‘here-to-stay’. I completed the process of changing the name for 72 thousand rupees after purchasing it. All this was done according to the rules of the respective international and local institutions. The name Azad Kashmir reminds me of my motherland. “

Usman has qualified for the Asian Games twice

Usman said, “I have qualified for the Olympics with this horse after 15 years of hard work.” I want to represent my country in big events like Olympics. “Earlier, Usman had qualified for the Asian Games twice in 2014 and 2018, but both times he could not participate in the tournament due to financial constraints. . Then he had a horse named Al-Buraq.

Olympic Rules

According to the Indian Federation, political issues are kept away from every event or place of the Olympics. It is therefore against Olympic Charter Rule 50. According to this, political or religious feelings of a country cannot be hurt by any gesture or object. If there is a complaint, the Olympic quota of the accused country can be canceled.

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