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Gargi girl’s college incident : group of men broke in, groped and masturbated at girls for hours

A large group of men barged into the Gargi College during a college event. Students at the girls’ college were groped, molested and harassed by the group of drunken men who were outsiders

tudents of Delhi’s Gargi College have alleged that a large group of “drunken men” barged into their college premises on February 6 during a college festival and molested and harassed the women students.

The students have said that the men, who were outsiders, broke into the college and groped the students, locked them in washrooms and misbehaved with them.

The incident took place during the 3-day college festival ‘Reverie’. The students have alleged that the outsiders who barged into the college were participating in a pro-CAA rally nearby when they entered the college and harassed the students

In a social media post that has now gone viral, the students of Gargi College have said, “There were drunk, middle-aged men harassing us, molesting us and masturbating at us… I was groped thrice by a group of men inside that crowd and when I screamed they laughed…”.

Speaking to, a Gargi College student said on condition of anonymity, “The men came in trucks and entered the campus around 4:30 pm during the fest. They continued to harass the girls for several hours and the ordeal continued till around 9 pm.”

In another social media post it has been said, “Girls were groped, locked in washrooms, stalked to the nearby Green Park metro, cat-called, eve-teased and misbehaved with during the festival.”

Gargi College authorities are yet to lodge a police complaint and according to a report in Indian Express, acting principal Promila Kumar said, “The event was open for boys studying in other DU colleges. We had police, commandos and bouncers on campus, and staff was also on duty. There was an arena in the campus meant only for girls. If they were outside that, it was their personal choice.”

Meanwhile, a student requesting anonymity told IANS, “I can’t confirm the allegations of molestation but a large a group of drunken men had dropped in and manhandled students.”

“We will hold a discussion and stage a protest,” the student said

Speaking to, the student also said that when they went to the college authorities on the day of the incident, they were told to not attend college festivals if they are “so scared about safety”.

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