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Exit Polls: Estimates of hat-trick of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi; BJP likely to get 26 seats and Congress 2 seats

  • 57% polling for 70 assembly seats in Delhi till 6 pm, result on 11 February.
  • Estimates of 6 exit polls came out, Kejriwal’s clear majority in all.
  • In 2015 exit polls, BJP is projected to get 26, AAP 45 seats, exit polls failed; AAP won 67 seats.

New Delhi: 57% votes were cast in Delhi for 70 assembly seats till 6 pm on Saturday. Long queues of voters were seen at polling booths throughout the day in many areas of the capital, including Shaheen Bagh. Estimates of exit polls came after 6 pm. In 7 exit polls, Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party projected a clear majority. If the guesses prove to be correct, this time Kejriwal, who replaced the guarantee card, will put a hat-trick of victory. Earlier, he formed the AAP government in Delhi in 2013 and 2015.

BJP is again at number two in exit poll estimates, it is projected to get a maximum of 26 seats and Congress a maximum of 2 seats. In the last assembly election too, AAP won 67 out of 70 seats and BJP had only 3 seats. Whereas, in these elections 6 exit polls had projected BJP to get 24 seats and AAP 45 seats. All exit polls failed. The AAP got more seats than anticipated.

Delhi assembly election 2020 exit poll

Manoj Tiwari claims – will win 48 seats

Voting trends and election results

  • The trends of the last election show that whenever the voting percentage in Delhi was low, the government did not change. Voting was 53% in 2003 and 58% in 2008. The government did not change in both these elections.
  • In 2013, the people of Delhi had the highest 65.63% voting till then. When the results came, the ruling Congress was given a farewell for 15 years. However, no party got a majority and the hung assembly was soon dissolved.
  • The 2015 election recorded the highest ever 67.12% turnout. In historical results, 67 out of 70 seats were won by the Aam Aadmi Party. BJP got 3 seats and Congress could not even open its account.

Delhi Assembly Election 2015 Results (70 seats)

  • Total voters: 1,33,13,295
  • Votes cast: 89,36,159 (67.1%)

Delhi Lok Sabha Election 2019 results (7 seats)

  • Total voters: 1,43,16,453
  • Votes cast: 86,79,012 (60.6%)

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