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Holi 2020 / Devotee Prahlada’s village near Mathura, panda walks through the middle of a 20-25 feet wide burning Holi here

On Monday, March 9, there is the full moon of Phalgun Mass. On this night Holika Dahan will take place. Holi festival of Mathura and Vrindavan is famous all over the world, apart from the huddang of Holi and Lathmar Holi of Barsana, Holi of Falain village is also very special. Falain, located near Mathura is considered to be the village of the devotee Prahlada. Here even today a panda (priest) Holika emerges from the middle of the burning Holi on the combustion, but it does not burn fire. This tradition has been practiced here for centuries by the Panda family of Falain. People from all over the world reach to see it. A fair is organized in the village. People are painting their homes to welcome the visitors.

For this tradition played during Holika Dahan, a member of the Panda family who has to come out of the burning Holi, leaves home a month ago and stays in the temple. While staying there, he worships, chants and fasts. Only after this Holika Dahan takes place. This time a panda named Monu will emerge in the midst of a burning Holi. Every year on Holi, one of the members of Monu Panda’s family does this risky job. According to Premsukh Kaushik, social worker of Gram Panchayat Falain, thousands of people from all over the world reach Falain village to see these miracles on Holi. The Panda family has 20-30 houses in the village. Every time before the Holi, it is decided in the Panchayat who will come out of the burning Holi this year.

Holi is lit 8-10 feet high and about 25 feet wide.

Bhagwat spokesperson of Falain village Sant Yogiraj Maharaj said that Holika Dahan program is organized here on a grand scale. People bring kandes from around 5-7 villages to decorate the Holika. In such a situation, thousands of condes are gathered here. Holika is prepared from all condoms about 25 feet wide and 8-10 feet high. Holika is worshiped by the people in and around the village on Phalgun Purnima. Holika is lit at night. After this, in the auspicious time, Pandaji comes out from the burning Holi. This feat is only for a short time. Monu’s father has been out of the burning Holi 10 times before this year. The hair of the panda emanating from the burning Holi also does not burn. The people of the village arrange food and lodging for all the guests.

This is Prahlada’s village

It is popularly believed that this village belongs to Prahlada, son of Daityaraj Hiranyakashyap. In ancient times, a saint did penance here. At that time, a Panda family of this village had a dream that the idol was buried under a tree. After this dream, members of the Panda family of the village were excavated under the guidance of the saint. In this excavation, an idol of Lord Narasimha and devotee Prahlada was found. Then the saint blessed the Panda family that every year on Holi, every member of this family will do devotion with full honesty and faith, he will get the special grace of the devotee Prahlada and he can get out of the burning Holi. Even after doing this, the heat of the fire will not have any effect on his body. There is a temple of devotee Prahlada here and there is also a pool.

This is how the act of getting out of Holi happens

A panda coming out of the burning Holi, a month before, revolves around the entire village with the people, worships the place of Holi and starts doing penance at the Prahlada temple. Does fruit During this event, the panda coming out of the burning Holi does not even sleep for about 3 days. A day before Holi, the people of the village prepare huge Holika with the help of condoms. Holika is worshiped on Phalgun Purnima and Holi is burnt.

According to the Muhurta, the panda’s aunt brings a lotta water from the Prahlada Kund and pours it into the burning Holi. This calms Holika. After this, the panda takes a bath in the Prahlada Kund and with a garland, garland, the devotee walks out of the burning Holi meditating on Prahlada. The heat of the fire does not have any ill effect on the body of the panda even after exiting the fire.

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