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Kareena Kapoor questions Sara Ali Khan about one-night stand, hesitantly responds ‘Love Aaj Kal’ actress Sara ali khan

Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan is busy these days in the promotion of her upcoming film Love Aaj Kal 2. In such a situation, Sara reached Kareena Kapoor’s radio talk show ‘What Women Want’. During the show, Kareena hesitates a little and asks Sara something that Sara has to think through to answer. Not only this, Kareena tells Sarah after asking her question, I should not have asked this but I did this question to you because we come from modern family.

In the show ‘What Women Want’, Kareena is the first to question Sara about her relationship and whether you have ever done something in your relationship that people often do. While answering this question Sarah says no, I did not do that. I answer to everyone. I also answer those you should not answer. I am one of them. He further stated that he has never cheated in a relationship or checked his partner’s phone.

Kareena asks Sara if she has ever done naughty messages. To this Sara says that I do not want to say this or I hope that no one here is listening to you. After this, Sarah laughs yes and Kareena says if I can tell her. Kareena then hesitantly asks Sara if she ever did a one-night stand. She adds that I don’t think I should ask you this question, but I know. I mean, we’re in a modern family, so one-night stand? Can ask. After listening to this question of Kareena, Sara gets shocked at first, then after a while I answer no and says no I never did. At which Kareena breathes a sigh of relief and starts laughing.

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