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Cynthia Irivo, the only black actress nominated for the Oscars, said- It hurts to be alone

Cynthia Irivo, who was nominated for Best Actress at the 92nd Academy Awards, is saddened by the only black nomination. Talking to the English website Hollywood Reporter, he said that it is a happy occasion, but I am also sad to be the only black here. Cynthia received an Oscar nomination for the film ‘Harriet’.

Cynthia was earlier nominated at the Golden Globe Awards in the Best Actress category. But the title was won by Rini Zellweger for the film ‘Judy’. Rini is also in the race for Best Actress at the Oscars.

“I want to share this with others too”

He said that this opportunity is both joyful and eye-opening as well. I cannot be here only. It may sound bad to hear that, I hate when good work comes out of us and then we look back and think that I wish we had given them roses too. The actress told that it is sad to not be able to see any nominated actor of her kind while staying in a room. It hurts when I can’t share it with any other black actress.

It will be organized on 9 February

The 92nd Oscar Award will be held on 9 February. This time in the Best Actress category, Scarlett Johnson has received the nomination for ‘Marriage Story’, Saoirse Ronan for ‘Little Woman’, Charlize Tharon for ‘Bombshell’, Cynthia Irivo for ‘Harriet’ and Renee Zellweger for ‘Judy’.

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