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UK politician hits back after being badly trolled for wearing off shoulder dress in parljqnent

UK politician Tracy Brabin gave a cutting reply to trolls that shamed her for wearing off-shoulder dress to Parliament.

racy Brabin, a UK politician, gave a cutting reply to silence trolls that shamed her for wearing an off-shoulder outfit to Parliament.

A Twitter user with the handle @LawrenceDovey shared a picture of Brabin in the dress that showed part of her shoulder and asked if it was appropriate attire for Parliament

The tweet went viral and garnered a lot of reactions. While some users called out his misogynistic views, many others agreed with him. Right from cheap, unprofessional to hungover – people called her many things on Twitter.

However, that’s when Tracy Brabin decided to step in and shut the trolls with a savage reply. “Hello. Sorry I don’t have time to reply to all of you commenting on this but I can confirm I’m not….A slag, hungover, a tart, about to breastfeed, a slapper, drunk, just been banged over a wheelie bin. Who knew people could get so emotional over a shoulder,” she wrote.

Her cutting reply left the internet divided. Some netizens were immensely impressed with the way she handled the troll. At the time of filing this copy, her tweet had garnered over 80k likes.

“Brilliant retort Tracy,” a user wrote. “Even if you were any of those things Tracy, more power to you to wear what you want,” wrote another user

However, majority of the comments on her tweet were negative. There were many users who felt that her attire was inappropriate to wear at the UK parliament

This incident takes us back to last year when Nusrat Jahan and Mimi Chakroborty were massively trolled for the outfits that they wore to the parliament. Women politicians being shamed for the choice of their attires is clearly not restricted to any particular country.

While speaking to BBC, Brabin said that her slightly off-the-shoulder dress had slipped a little as she had leant forward to speak. It was “another example of the everyday sexism women face,” she said. “They are idiots and they are rude but I am not going to lose much sleep over them,” she added.

Tracy Brabin is an actress and a Member of Parliament from the constituency Batley & Spen.

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