Brexit / Britain celebrates separation from EU; 3.6 million people join rallies and candle marches

  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson described it as the beginning of a new era.
  • Britain split after nearly four years of referendum on Brexit.

LONDON: Britain broke away from the European Union (EU) on Friday night (Saturday at 4:30 pm Indian time). In this way Britain has become the first country to secede from the EU. Britain remained with the European Union for nearly 47 years. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson described it as the beginning of a new era. Britain broke away almost four years after the referendum on Brexit. Thousands of Brexit supporters gathered in London to celebrate on this historic occasion. Around 3.6 million people attended rallies and candle marches across Britain. In Scotland, a candle march was held in protest against it. The voters of Scotland had voted to remain in the European Union, but the opinion of the whole country came out differently.

Johnson said – I should take the country along, take it forward, it is my responsibility

British PM Johnson wrote on social media, ‘For many people, this is a big hope, which they thought would never come. Many people are feeling like loss. Some wondered whether this political deadlock would ever end. I understand everyone’s sentiments, and it is our responsibility as a government, especially that I take the country along and take it forward. ‘

UK flags removed from EU institutions, 10 Downing Street decorated

10 Downing Street is illuminated on Brexit day in London, Britain
  • Thousands of people arrived at London’s Parliament Square, sang patriotic songs and gave speeches in support.
  • Lighting was done at Britain’s Prime Minister’s Office and House 10, Downing Street. Hundreds of events took place.
  • The British flag has been removed from the European Union institutions in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

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