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Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu Chopra comes out strongly against trolls criticizing actress’ Grammy award dress

BOLLYWOOD: Priyanka Chopra was trolled in the 62nd Grammy Awards due to her red carpet appearance. She wore a Ralph & Lauren gown which was quite bold and because of this she faced a lot of trolling on social media. In such a situation, her mother Madhu Chopra recently reached an event in Mumbai, the media questioned Priyanka’s trolling, to which she also gave a very precise answer.

Her Mother said – It’s her body, she can do whatever she wants.

Madhu Chopra said on trolling, I am happy that it happened, this made Priyanka stronger. She lives on her own terms. If she is not harming anyone, then she has a body, whatever she wants to do and she also has a beautiful body. As far as the trollers are concerned, they are hidden behind the computer, there is no happiness in their life, then they get attention by saying all this and I do not think it necessary to give attention to such people. When Priyanka was going to wear the dress, she sent me the photo and I felt a little risky but she carried it very well, I am happy that it was one of the best dresses of the awards.

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