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Omega Unveils Singha Electric Cargo 3W Range; To Invest Rs. 200 Crore In Electric Cargo Space

  • Both electric three wheelers are equipped with a 48V lithium-ion battery.
  • Omega has invested Rs. 200 crore in the manufacturing plant.
  • It is also planning to come up with an electric four-wheeler cargo van.

Omega Seiki mobility has ventured into the electric cargo space with the Singha and Singha Max electric three wheelers. Both electric three wheelers are equipped with a 48V lithium-ion battery pack which powers the electric motor, putting out 80 Nm of peak torque and the top-speed is rated at up to 80 kmph. The payload capacity of both vehicles is up to 500 kg including the weight of the battery pack. Speaking of the battery pack, there are options of a swappable battery and customers get a 15A charger which can completely charge the vehicle within three hours.

Omega will be launching these vehicles in the Delhi-NCR region first and will expand to the Southern region of India eventually and then in other Asian markets like Thailand. The company has invested Rs. 200 crore in its manufacturing plant located in Faridabad near Delhi which will also accommodate its future models. The next model Omega is considering to bring to our market is an electric four-wheeler mini cargo van which will also be used for intra city businesses.

The company is only starting with vehicles which will be used for intra city commutes and is targeting businesses like online retail channels as their core customers. Then it is also trying to attract customers like food delivery channels or dairy delivery services for whom 100 km is a sufficient range. Moreover, it is also open to deliver vehicles to sole proprietors like Electronic shop owner who can use the electric vehicle to deliver home appliances or Television.

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