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Budget 2020 / China spends more on education than the budget of India; America’s defense budget is more than double our year’s expenditure

new Delhi. The people of the country are eyeing the budget to be presented on February 1. Last year i.e. for 2019-20, a budget of Rs 27 lakh 86 thousand 349 crore was presented, which was 13.4% higher than the budget of 2018-19. China only spends more on education than our budget last year. According to China’s government data, till October 2019 it spent 2876.8 billion yuan (29 lakh 58 thousand crore) on education. Our defense budget in 2018-19 was 4 lakh 31 thousand 011 crore. Out of this, 3 lakh 5 thousand 296 crore rupees were for the three armies. On the other hand, the US defense budget in 2019-20 was $ 718 billion (Rs 51.21 lakh crore), which is almost double of our total budget.

Defense: China spends 4 times us, America spends 17 times more

America spends the most on defense in the world. In the 2019-20 budget of the United States, for defense spending, $ 718 billion i.e. 51.21 lakh crore rupees was placed. China’s defense budget is also 177.6 billion dollars (12.61 lakh crore rupees). If the defense budget of US and China is compared with India’s defense budget, then America spends 17 times more on defense and China 4 times than India. India’s defense budget was Rs 3 lakh 5 thousand 296 crore in 2019-20. At the same time, Pakistan had kept 53 thousand 164 crore according to Indian currency and Bangladesh 27 thousand 340 crore rupees for defense in 2019-20 budget.

Country budget or expenditure (in rupees)

India 3.05 lakh crore
US 51.21 lakh crores
China 12.61 million
Pakistan 53 thousand 164 crores
Bangladesh 27 thousand 40 crores

Education: US budget is 4 times more than India, China spends 7 times more than US

In 2019-20, the education budget of our country was 94 thousand 854 crores. Whereas, the education budget of the US is 64 billion dollars (4.56 lakh crore rupees). That is, America’s education budget is about 4 times that of India. According to Chinese government data, as of October 2019 it had spent Rs 29.58 lakh crore.

Country budget or expenditure (in rupees)

India 94 thousand 854 crores
US 4.56 Lakh Cr
China 29.58 million
Pakistan 3 thousand 564 crores
Bangladesh 45 thousand 100 crores

Health: America’s budget is 88 lakh crores, India’s only 65 thousand crores

In the last budget, the government had kept 64 thousand 999 crores for health. India has a population of 131 crores. If per capita expenditure is included in the health budget, then less than 500 rupees were spent annually on the health of every person in India. However, the US health budget is 88.66 lakh crore rupees ($ 1,248.8 billion). China spent 1.46 lakh crore rupees (2,876.8 billion yuan) on health by October 2019 i.e. in 10 months.

Country budget or expenditure (in rupees)

India 64 thousand 999 crores
America 88.66 Lakh Cr
China 1.46 trillion
Pakistan 510 Crore
Bangladesh 4 thousand 866 crores

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