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Vastu tips : Home is at the end of the street and fear remains in the mind, do this remedy

If there is a fear in the heart about something, then the Vastu Dosh around us may be responsible for it. If there is a doubt about the future in the mind, or if the fear of untoward always persists, then by adopting some easy measures mentioned in Vastu, you can remove the fear from your mind. Let’s know about these measures.

Fear is a natural reaction. Everyone feels this at some time or the other. If the house is at the end of the street, then it is very important to fix Vastu defects in such a building. It is believed that fear of untoward remains in the minds of the people living in such a house. In such a house, fear starts coming due to deadlock in the flow of positive energy. If fear remains in the mind then worship Hanuman ji and chant Hanumante Namah. Recite Hanuman Chalisa.

Worship Lord Shree Ganesh. If the children have nightmares or are afraid, then keep a yellow night lamp or yellow bulb of yellow wot in the children’s room. If there is an iron peg near the main entrance of the house, remove it immediately. Plant a basil plant in the courtyard of the house. Tamarind or Kaner tree should not be planted in front of the main entrance of the house.

Washing hands and feet with a pinch of salt at bedtime at night, eliminates fear and stress. Tying salt with a nugget in red cloth and hanging it at the main entrance of the house does not enter the negative forces in the house. Plants and trees with thorns should not be planted in the house. The leaves or twigs of the plants that break milk should not be applied in the house.

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