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The US finally admitted, 34 of its soldiers were seriously injured in Iran’s attack

Washington: 34 US soldiers suffered brain injuries in a recent Iranian missile attack on a US military base in Iraq. After treatment, half of them returned to their military duty. The Pentagon gave this information on Friday.

According to Pentagon chief spokesman Jonathan Hoffman, 17 out of 34 soldiers are still under surveillance. President Donald Trump initially said that he had been told that no soldiers were injured in the January 8 attack. The army said that cases did not come forth immediately after the attack and in some cases it was discovered after several days.

What is the matter

On January 8, Iran attacked US Air Force bases in Iraq. Iran claimed that 80 American soldiers were killed in this attack. However, the US claimed that the soldiers had already moved into the bunkers due to the Pentagon’s warning system, and the soldiers suffered no damage.

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