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Revealed / Italy’s hacker group suspected of hacking Bezos’ phone, 20% stake in Saudi Crown Prince’s close

  • Saudi Crown Prince Salman visited the US in April 2018, where he met industrialist Richard Branson and celebrity Oprah Winfrey
  • Bezos-Salman exchanged numbers after a meeting in the US, a month after the Crown Prince sent him a video of the Saudi-Sweden match
  • Suspicionally, the company that detected data theft from Bezos’ phone – Prince Salman hacked the phone only through a close connected with the hacking group

Jan 23, 2020, 06:28 PM IS

London / Riyadh. Amazon and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos are constantly getting new revelations on the phone hack and data theft case. FTI Consulting, a company that detects hacking in Bezos’ phone, has feared that the Saudi Crown Prince sent the virus video to the Amazon chief on 1 May 2018. As a result, the Crown Prince hacked Bezos’ iPhone-X and stole his personal information. The FTI report states that only two groups can do this kind of hacking. One of them is a hacking group linked to Italy’s Milan, in which Prince Salman’s close is 20%.

4 April 2018: Prince Salman met Bezos in America

Prince Salman visited the US for three weeks in March 2018 with a view to promoting investment in Saudi Arabia. He met industrialist Richard Branson and celebrity Oprah Winfrey in addition to Jeff Bezos. In addition, he also went to MIT and Harvard University. Prince Salman had dinner with Bezos in Los Angeles, after which the two exchanged numbers. FTI has also released a screenshot of the number exchange of the two.

Number exchanges took place between Bezos and Prince Salman on April 4 for the first time.

1 May 2018: Prince Salman sends Bezos a video from WhatsApp

About a month after meeting Bezos, the Saudi Prince sent Bezos a 4.22 megabytes video with flags from Saudi Arabia and Sweden. It had something written in Arabic. It is said that this was the video through which the Crown Prince hacked Bezos’ phone. According to experts, even if Bezos did not open this video, his phone can be hacked. Within 24 hours of the arrival of this file, a large amount of data was extracted from Bezos’ iPhone. According to the FTI, such virus files can only be produced by the Israeli spy company NSO and Italy’s Milan hacker group.

7 February 2019: Bezos suspected of iPhone hac

Jeff Bezos publicly accused the American tabloid National Inquirer of blackmailing him. Bezos said the tabloid is threatening him with leaking his personal messages and photos. The Inquirer also leaked some text messages from Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez. After this, Bezos is said to have told his security investigator Gavin D. Baker to gather information related to the phone hack.

15-17 February 2019: Bezos advised to check the phone

Investigators told Baker to take Bezos’ phone to the tech company. Also said to be Saudi’s hand in hacking. Baker handed over the phone to FTI Consulting for the first time on 24 February 2019. Meanwhile, Saudi Prince messaged Bezos on hacking charges. He wrote, “Jeff what you are being told is not right. It’s just a matter of time, hope you know the truth. There is no bitterness between me or the Saudi government against you and Amazon. “

Salman sent this msg to Bezos

May 2019: Bezos gave his phone to FTI Consultancy to check

Jeff Bezos assigned his phone to FTI for analysis on the advice of the Security Investigator. FTI began the investigation in April 2018 by analyzing the first message between Prince Salman and Bezos. It was revealed that Prince Salman was messaging them continuously and sometimes suddenly.

Jamal khagoshi at Saudi embassy

What came out in the FTI report?

FTI said in the report that Bezos’ data could be traced back to the spyware Pegasus of Israeli company NSO or the Galileo of Milan’s Hacker Group of Italy. The report said that Saud Alag-Kahatani, a close advisor to the Saudi Prince, has a 20% stake in the hacker group. However, FTI did not reveal exactly what spyware is behind it, as the security of Bezos’ iPhone is quite strong and investigations are still on.

8 nov salman send this pic to Bezos

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