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Nepal /8 tourists from Kerala found dead in same room of hotel, fear of gas leaks suffocating

  • According to the police, tourists in Pokhara’s hotel ran a gas heater to keep the room warm.
  • Two family members died, including 4 children; Bodies are being brought from Kathmandu to Thiruvananthapuram

Kathmandu / New Delhi. On Tuesday, bodies of 8 Indian tourists were found in a hotel in Nepal. Police have expressed apprehension that he died of suffocation after gas leaks. All tourists are from Kerala. Minister of State for External Affairs V Muralitharan informed that the bodies of tourists are being brought from Kathmandu to Thiruvananthapuram.

Muralitharan said that the family of Ranjith and Praveen, residents of Thiruvananthapuram, were found dead in the hotel. The bodies of both their wives and 4 children were also found in the hotel. On being taken to the hospital, the doctors said that he died due to suffocation. Nepal Police said that a 15-member team had come to Nepal from Kerala. While returning, these people stayed at the Everest Panorama Resort.

Eight tourists stayed in the same room, windows and doors were closed
According to the manager, everyone came to the Pokhara Resort at 9:30 pm on Monday night. These people had turned on the gas heater to keep the room warm. These people had booked 4 rooms. 8 people stayed in one room. In other rooms. All the doors and windows in the room where the eight tourists stayed were closed. The companions of these people gave information about everyone being unconscious. After this, he was airlifted and brought to the hospital in Kathmandu, where he was declared dead.

Carbon monoxide death threat

Carbon monoxide is produced in the room due to a bad gas heater. This gas is highly toxic without any color and smell. This reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood. This causes almost all parts of the body to be affected. This becomes the cause of death.

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