Hungary: World’s most expensive wine of grapes, a bottle costs more than 28 lakh rupees

Tokaj: The wine producers of Tokaj, a major tourist destination in the Hungarian country of Europe, have prepared the world’s most expensive wines.

The cost of one and a half liter bottle is about 28.41 lakhs. According to the manufacturer, only 20 bottles of Isensia-2008 Dissenter edition wine were produced. Of these, 18 bottles were released in 2019. Manufacturers have sold 11 out of 18 bottles of wine so far.

Each bottle of decanter is placed in a shiny black box. It has a switch, which illuminates the bottle. It is amazing that no two bottles of this wine are the same, because each of them is specially prepared. The expiry date of this vintage wine is 2300.

A bottle of 37.5 cm contains 3% alcohol. Jolton Kovacs, the general manager of the liquor company, told the media, “8 years after the preparation of the Isensia-2008 wine, it is considered perfect to be packaged in a bottle.

It is made only during the special season of the year. Therefore, it is prepared only in limited quantities. Isensia 2008 About one kilogram of ripe grapes is used to make a small spoonful of alcohol.About 20 kg of grapes are required to make one bottle of wine. Its 37.5 cm bottle containing 3% alcohol. “

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