AICTE will provide grants to students and faculty to promote research

The Research Grant Scheme has been launched by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to ensure that faculty or students do not have to face financial difficulties for quality research. More than 62 thousand students studying in 38 engineering colleges and more than 1200 faculty will get benefit of this. For this, online applications can be made throughout the year. After this scheme of AICTE, international level research will be encouraged, because all four schemes are related to international level research.The students and faculty of the course coming under the ambit of AICTE including BTech, MTech, BE and ME will get the benefit.

If the faculty goes abroad, they will get one and a half lakh

The first scheme is for faculty teaching in engineering colleges who are doing good work in faculty research and if they are invited from any other country for research paper presentation, then a grant of 1.5 lakh will be given for this, so that the faculty for research Get a chance to show talent on the international stage.

Students will get one lakh rupees if they go abroad

The second grant will be for the students. If a student of any engineering course is called for a research paper presentation in another country, he will also get a grant of one lakh. This scheme is also important because many countries have engineering workshops, seminars, in which most of the students are unable to attend due to economic and technical reasons.

5 lakh will be given for international conference

The third scheme is important. At present, national level conferences are held in engineering colleges, but in general there are no international level conferences or seminars. Now for this also, the concerned institute will get a grant of 5 lakhs so that foreign faculty or students come here. This will increase the understanding of research in medium level engineering colleges.

Groups of students will get 10 lakh on going abroad

In the fourth scheme, a group of students will get up to 10 lakhs when they go abroad for research paper presentation. If 2 to 10 students go, then each student will get a grant of one lakh, while the grant will be maximum 10 lakh even if there are more than 10 students. Academics say that this will increase the competition about quality research, here will be an opportunity to bring research here to the world.

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