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Andhra Pradesh / actor Pawan Kalyan’s Jan Sena Party alliance with BJP, said – we will win in 2024 assembly elections

Vijayawada Actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan’s Jan Sena Party (JSP) on Thursday tied up with the BJP. BJP leaders GVL Narasimha Rao and Pawan Kalyan announced it. Pawan Kalyan said, “People are fed up with the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and YSR Congress governments in the state. They are looking at the third option. The BJP-JSP will give an alternative government to the people. Together we will win the 2024 election. ”YSR Congress came to power in Andhra Pradesh last year with an overwhelming majority in the assembly elections. JSP contested this election along with Left parties and BSP.

Narasimha Rao said that the BJP-JSP alliance was formed to clean the state’s politics. This is a historic step. The BJP has no political connection with any other party in Andhra Pradesh. We will contest elections on public issues and will proceed as an alternative.

TDP broke alliance with BJP in 2018

BJP leader Lanka Dinakaran said that we welcome Pawan Kalyan’s decision to join BJP in view of state and national interests. He accused the TDP and the YSR Congress of promoting dynasty and corrupt politics. Dinakaran said, “We will fight against the anti-people decision of the Jagan Mohan Reddy government and the proposal to make three capital of Andhra Pradesh. We will proceed with a minimum common program with the JSP. ”TDP was earlier involved in an alliance with the BJP, but came out in March 2018.

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