Visitor carrying 2kg hasish in fruit box arrested in Dubai Airport

Dubai: A Dubai visitor has been arrested after he was found with nearky 2kg of hashish hidden in a fruit box.

According to the Dubai Court of First Instance, vigilant staff at the arrivals area in Dubai airport caught the 26-year-old Pakistani visitor with the drugs.

Customs officers, who noticed the unusual thickness on the sides of a wooden box containing fruit, searched the box.

“We suspected that there was something amiss in the luggage and searched the fruit box. We then found the hashish,” said a 24-year-old Emirati official in records.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendant with possessing and smuggling illegal drugs.

The next hearing has been scheduled for February 11.


Dubai visitor assaulted with broken bottle

Dubai: A Nigerian man is in the dock for assaulting a Dubai visitor with a broken bottle of alcohol over a dispute.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Wednesday that the 35-year-old defendant had a problem with another person about using a shared toilet at a sharing residence in the Naif area of Dubai. The 30-year-old victim from Rwanda said the defendant had a dispute with another person about using the toilet in the residential building.

“The man asked me to call the police about the problem with the defendant. He was yelling and was under the influence of alcohol. He broke the bottle on the wall and attacked me with it,” the victim said, according to official records.

The victim was injured in both his arms and ran out of the building before police arrived and ambulance transferred him to hospital. Medical report confirmed that the victim had sustained a 6 per cent disability in his right wrist.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendant with physical assault.

The defendant admitted the charge and a verdict is expected in January.

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Young visitor died after falling 80 feet into the famous Grand Canyon | The State

Grand Canyon, national park

RHONA WISE / AFP / / Getty Images

Jaiquan Carter, a 23-year-old Arizona resident, died after falling 80 feet (24 meters) down a trail in the Grand Canyon.

The young man was walking the “South Kaibab Trail” over the “Black Bridge” in the famous park early Tuesday morning when he died, the National Park Service (NPS) said.

Officials were notified of the fatality around 7:40 a.m. Tuesday. NPS and the Coconino County Medical Examiner’s Office are investigating the incident.

According to the portal, about a dozen people die in the park each year, most from dehydration or heat stroke.

In July, a 59-year-old woman from Arizona was killed trying to take a photo in the park. A month earlier in June, a California woman died after collapsing on a 114-degree incline in the canyon, he summarized New York Post.



Keralite visitor missing in Dubai returns to friends’ flat after 8 days

Dubai: An Indian visitor, who had gone missing for eight days in Dubai, returned to his friends’ flat on Sunday.

As first reported by Gulf News, Chenoth Thuruthummal Ashik, 31, had reportedly gone out for a walk from his friends’ flat at the Persia cluster in International City around 3pm on October 31.

His friend Althaf C.A. informed Gulf News that Ashik came back to their accommodation around 7pm on Sunday. “We are really happy and surprised. He just walked in and he says he had gone to meet some other friend in Sharjah. But, I am not aware of any such friend,” said Althaf. “It seems he was well taken care of. We have not been able to get proper details from him. He says he has also got a job offer. Anyhow, we are happy that he is safe and came back finally.”

Althaf, his brother Muhammed Ahsan, and other friends had been frantically searching for Ashik who had come here on a tourist visa, looking for a new job. They had informed the matter to the Indian Consulate in Dubai, Dubai Police and also appealed to the public to help trace their friend.

The friends had to get an authorisation letter from Ashik’s mother and brother in his hometown in Kerala to formally register a missing complaint. Althaf said they would be going to the police station to report Ashik’s return.

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Indian housewife molested by visitor inside elevator of apartment building in Dubai

Dubai: A Dubai visitor has been accused of molesting an Indian housewife by touching her inappropriately inside an elevator.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Sunday that the 39-year-old Indian visitor followed his countrywoman into the lift at a residential building in Al Nahda before touching her breast.

The 32-year-old Indian housewife testified that she was walking to her residence at 10pm when she felt the defendant following her. “I entered the lift of my building and he followed me in. We were alone and he touched my body. I yelled when the door opened and escaped to my apartment,” said the woman in official records.

She said she alerted her husband who called Dubai Police. During interrogation, the defendant, who was traced, admitted to abusing the victim.

Dubai Public Prosecution has charged the defendant with sexually molesting the victim.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for December 27.

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Zoo visitor has a tug of war with inquisitive squirrel monkey after it makes a grab for his camera

Cheeky monkey: Zoo visitor has a tug of war with inquisitive squirrel monkey after it makes a grab for his camera

  • The guest was filming the cheeky squirrel monkeys at Newquay Zoo in Cornwall
  • Two of the animals were fascinated by the camera and came over for closer look 
  • After three unsuccessful attempts, one finally grabs the device with both hands

This is the moment a zoo visitor has a tug of war with monkeys after one makes a grab for his camera.

The guest was filming squirrel monkeys at Newquay Zoo in Cornwall when they noticed his camera close to their cage. 

Footage shows the cheeky primates reaching through the bars of their enclosure and grabbing hold of the camera with both hands.

A visitor to Newquay Zoo in Cornwall had a tug of war with a monkey after the curious creature made a grab for his camera 

Two of the animals tilted their heads at the camera curiously before jumping to a wooden beam for a better look.

One monkey tries to grab hold of the device three times, sticking its arms through the bars.

However on its fourth attempt the monkey successfully manages to get the camera in both hands and stares at it inquisitively.  

The person who filmed the video said: ‘I’ve got this new action camera and it’s great for recording the scenery, but when I tried to film the animals they looked very small in the shot.

‘So when I saw these monkeys grooming each other close to the bars of their enclosure, I decided to put the camera up close and get some better footage.

‘I thought they would pay the camera no mind, since they’ve got visitors all day every day, but they were instantly curious and came over to inspect it.

‘Then one of them grabbed it. I was totally stunned.’

The guest, who asked to remain nameless, attemped to get his close-up a few more times but each time he did another monkey went for the camera.

‘They were absolutely fascinated by it,’ he said.

The squirrel monkey successfully reached out its enclosure and grabbed the camera after three failed attempts

The squirrel monkey successfully reached out its enclosure and grabbed the camera after three failed attempts 

‘There was no aggression in it; no baring of teeth or throwing anything – I think they really just wanted to have a closer look.’

The guest, who took the video in July, said: ‘You can see how inquisitive they are.

‘In one of my wife’s photos, you can actually see a monkey grabbing the camera and it looks just like they’re taking a selfie.’ 

Squirrel monkeys are native to the forests of south and central America, spending most of their time in the canopy and rarely coming down to the forest floor.

They use their nimble fingers and natural curiosity to forage for a wide-range of plants and insects to eat, though they are themselves preyed upon by snakes and large birds.

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COVID-19 pushes Sharjah museum to rethink visitor participation

Visitors at the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation. In addition to its virtual tours, SMA brings its audiences a series of monthly online lectures and workshops.
Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News Archives

Sharjah: The COVID-19 outbreak has pushed tourist destinations and cultural venues across the world to rethink how they engage with their visitors, said the director of Sharjah Museums Authority (SMA).

Manal Ataya, Director of SMA, pointed out how losing the physical space, although temporarily, made exploring the digital space a virtue of necessity. “Covid-19 opened our eyes to the possibilities of what was already there to be utilised but was ignored to a large extent, because we relied on our physical spaces,” said Ataya during a three-day online conference ‘VExpo’, which kicked off on October 13 and was organised by, an online networking portal for professionals working in the visitor attraction sector. “The pandemic has really helped us move forward in terms of expanding our digital platform and opening up to new audiences.”

Manal Ataya

She noted that following the closure of its museums in March due to COVID-19, the Authority had launched a number of virtual exhibition tours, lectures and workshops to stay connected with its fan base. SMA is showcasing over 100 pieces from Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization’s collections, on ‘Museums With No Frontiers’ website, along with other curated collections from around the world, she said.

She added that in addition to its virtual tours, SMA brings its audiences a series of monthly online lectures and workshops that cater to all community members, covering a wide range of topics, including art, science and history.

Online users surge

Due to the pandemic, the museums reached new audiences with an 80 per cent increase in online users. Among the virtual tours launched by the Authority is “Modern and Contemporary Arab Art Collection exhibition”; the permanent Arab art collection of the Sharjah Art Museum; “A Century in Flux: Chapter II — Highlights from the Barjeel Art Foundation” exhibition, and “Aida Muluneh’s Homebound: A Journey in Photography” exhibition, a collaboration between The Africa Institute, Sharjah Art Foundation and Sharjah Museums Authority.

“By making museums’ collections available online for all people across the world without the need of actually being physically present in a museum, we encouraged more visitors to enjoy our digitalised collection, exhibitions and educational programmes,” she said.

During the event, Ataya was also honoured at a ceremony for being chosen to the top “50 museum influencer list” from nominations received internationally.

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COVID-19: Dubai visitor offers bribe after caught without mask

Dubai: A Dubai visitor who was caught not wearing a mask and flouting COVID-19 rules, has been accused of offering Dh3,000 bribe to the policeman.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Monday that the incident happened during the national sterilisation programme in April this year. A policeman, who was patrolling the Jebel Ali area, saw the 24-year-old Indian defendant and a woman outside a hotel. Both were not wearing a face masks and failed to comply with precautionary measures to curb COVID-19. “I stopped them as they weren’t wearing a mask and were moving around without a permit, violating the movement restrictions in place. I told them that they need to have a permit and wear a mask. They told me that they went out walking,” said the policeman in official records.

The defendant told the policeman that the woman is a masseuse and that he brought her for a massage session for Dh200 at the hotel. He was stepping outside the hotel to pay the taxi fees when he was stopped by the policeman. “He begged me to let him go and offered me Dh3,000 to leave him without legal action. He told me that he will hand me Dh2,000 in cash and the rest of the bribery money will deliver it at his residence,” the policeman added.

After the policeman took the defendant to Jebel Ali police station, the defendant handed over Dh2,000 to the policeman. The policeman alerted his director and referred the defendant to prosecution for legal action.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendant with offering a bribe to a policeman on duty. Trial scheduled to October 19.

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Husband and wife rob Dubai visitor of Dh3,500

Dubai: The Dubai Public Prosecution has referred two men and a woman to the Dubai Court of First Instance for posing as security guards in a government entity and robbing a watch worth Dh3,500 from a visitor to the emirate.

Prosecutor Khalid Al Ameri, head of Deira Prosecution, said the three African defendants attacked their countryman, slapped him in the face and robbed him at night while walking at the Gold Souk. The defendants stopped the visitor and alleged that he has Dh1,800 traffic fines he need to pay for renting the car of the first defendant.

“The victim asked the defendant to show him a proof about the traffic fines but they refused. One of the defendants threatened to harm the victim if he didn’t pay the fines,” Prosecutor Al Ameri said in a statement. The female defendant, who is the wife of the first defendant, came asking him to pay the money. She slapped him on the face, stole his watch and escaped. “One of the defendant told the victim that he is a security guard and showed him an ID belong to a government entity.”

The three accused were charged with robbery, threatening and posing as security guards.

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Four-year-old boy sexually abused by visitor at Dubai shopping mall

Dubai: A visitor to Dubai has been accused of sexually molesting a four-year-old boy in front of his parent at a shopping mall in the city.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard this week that the 34-year-old Indian defendant first praised the Filipino child’s looks in front of his father and later held the boy and pulled down his shorts. The father said that he was standing near the mall’s gate when the defendant approached his son.

“He told me several times that I have a good looking child before holding him up in his arms. I tried to stop him but he did not bother and pulled my son’s shorts down,” the father said.

The defendant then committed a lewd act and escaped, he said. The father alerted the security guards who restrained the defendant and informed Dubai Police.

“My countryman was with me and saw the incident. It is the first time we have witnessed such an act,” he said.

During interrogation, the defendant admitted to abusing the boy. Surveillance cameras also showed the defendant hugging the boy several times before pulling down the boy’s shorts. Dubai Public Prosecution has charged the defendant with sexually abusing the child.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for October 21.

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