Wife of owner of bicycle company Atlas committed suicide, body found hanging from fan

Natasha Kapoor (57), wife of Sanjay Kapoor, one of the owners of the bicycle company Atlas, died under suspicious circumstances. In the initial investigation, Delhi Police is calling it a suicide. But due to the open door of the room, the police is considering it as a suspect and is investigating from several angles.

His body was found hanging from the fan in Kothi at Aurangzeb Lane in the national capital. According to the police, Natasha Kapoor wrote in her suicide note that she was not happy with her life. Officials believe that financial crisis can also be the reason for suicide. Tughlaq Road police station of New Delhi district is investigating the case. On Wednesday, Natasha Kapoor’s postmortem was conducted at RML Hospital.

After the postmortem, the body of Natasha Kapoor was handed over to the family. Natasha Kapoor was cremated at the crematorium on Lodhi Road on Wednesday. It is being told that Sanjay Kapoor’s family lives in Aurangzeb Lane, Delhi. Sanjay Kapoor also lives here with his family.

Natasha Kapoor’s body found hanging from the fan

When his wife Natasha Kapoor did not have lunch on Tuesday afternoon, the family members started searching for him. When Sanjay Kapoor’s son Siddhant Kapoor called, Natasha Kapoor did not even pick up the phone. After this, Natasha Kapoor’s body was found hanging from a fan with a snapper in a room. The family cut down the body of Natasha Kapoor by chopping sardine

After this, the doctor was called and the doctors declared him dead. After this, son Siddhant Kapoor informed the police on Tuesday evening.

Suicide incidents are increasing in Delhi

In recent times, there has been an increase in suicide incidents in Delhi. Earlier in the first week of this month, a man committed suicide by hanging himself in Burari area of ​​Delhi. Delhi Police found the body of the man hanging from the fan in Burari area.

The police broke the door of the room and went inside and lowered the dead body. When the Delhi Police started rinsing the room, its eyes went on the walls. It was written on the wall that ‘the ultimate goal of life is death’. Apart from this, it was also written on the wall – instead of standing with those who do not give respect, it is better to be alone.

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