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Hyderabad Man Collapses While Playing Badminton, 5th Such Incident In Two Weeks

The exact cause of death is not known yet, based on the pattern of recent incidents, cardiac arrest is thought to be the likely reason for his death.

A 38-year-old man collapsed and died while playing badminton at the Professor Jayashankar Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad on Tuesday. This is the fifth such incident in Telangana in the past two weeks. The man has been identified as Shyam Yadav, who belongs to the Malkajgiri suburb of Hyderabad, and the incident was captured on a camera installed in the stadium.

The video show Mr Yadav lying on the floor on the badminton court and several people checking to see if he is breathing.

Some people claim he could have been saved if immediate life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) had been given.

Mr Yadav’s brother said that he was an enthusiastic sportsman who participated in badminton, cricket, and other sports. He worked for a private company and played every day after work.

Though the exact cause of death is not known yet, based on the pattern of recent incidents, cardiac arrest is thought to be the likely reason for his sudden death.

India has seen many such incidents in which fit and healthy people have collapsed and died.

In Telangana, this is the fifth such incident in a fortnight. Before this, a 19-year-old man collapsed and died while dancing at the wedding of a relative in Telangana. The incident took place in Pardi village, Nirmal district, about 200 km from Hyderabad.

On February 20, a man participating in a Haldi ceremony in Hyderabad suddenly collapsed and died. In a video of the incident, the man collapsed on the floor as he bent forward to apply turmeric to the groom’s feet. He is believed to have suffered a cardiac arrest.

On February 23, a 24-year-old police constable died, allegedly due to a heart attack, during a workout at a gym in Hyderabad.

A labourer in Hyderabad who was looking to catch a bus also suddenly felt a bout of pain and collapsed on the road on February 24. However, an on-duty traffic cop saved his life by giving him CPR.

Dr. Ashish Chauhan, a general physician who also trains people on CPR, said everyone needs to learn CPR and become a life saver.

CPR is a technique of pressing on the chest some 100 times a minute to revive someone whose heart has suddenly failed.

Dr. Padmakar of Apollo Hospitals has said that school and college students, software professionals, drivers-everyone must be trained in CPR.

Cardiologist Dr. Shiv Kumar said in addition to CPR, what could be very useful, especially in cases of sudden collapse, technically called arrhythmia, or irregular electrical impulses, is shock by defibrillator. “In all developed countries, they are installed at strategic places like airports, malls, railway stations, gyms, and so on, where a trained person can render the service and save lives.”

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