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Special ‘Doggy Dhaba’ In Indore Offers Food, Stays, Parties And More To Pet Dogs

The dhaba called ‘doggy dhaba’ has been opened by an Indore couple. The dhaba offers much more to dogs than just food.

  •  Indore couple has opened a unique eatery that serves dogs.
  • ‘Doggy dhaba’ is one one-stop shop for all dogs and dog lovers.
  • The dhaba offers a lot more than just a variety of foods.

There is a sudden trend of pet-friendly restaurants and cafes in almost every city. Your canine friends can accompany you for a nice eating-out experience and can have their own outings. But the tables have turned in Indore, as an eatery specially serves dogs and allows humans to accompany them. Wish for your dog to enjoy some lip-smacking food in a dhaba as we do? You now have a dedicated place for it. Fancy restaurants charm us with a luxurious experience and cafes let us unwind with a nice cup of coffee and good food, but the way dhabas invite us is unmatched. Now, dog lovers can share this joy with their pets.

The dhaba called ‘doggy dhaba’ has been opened by an Indore couple. The dhaba offers much more to dogs than just food. It also offers stays and birthday parties, including customised cakes, boarding services and more. Just like all eateries, this dhaba also offers home food delivery service. An ANI report quotes the owner Balraj Jhala, “My business also operates online. Dog food delivery boys are also kept who supply food both times

Pet-friendly restaurants are in trend now.Photo Credit: iStock (Representative image)SPONSORED BY VUUKLE

According to the report, Balraj Jha is a passionate dog lover and runs this unique dhaba along with his wife. During the lockdown period, Jha saw how dogs were struggling to find good food, and got the idea of opening a special restaurant for them. “I have been a dog lover since the beginning. I used to work in a hotel till the year 2019, from where I fed the dogs on the way back home at night,” Jha revealed. 

The dhaba served everything, from basic meals to veg and non-veg specialities and supplements, and regular dog foods in the range of INR 7 to 500 per day.

The dhaba also gives the dogs an opportunity to exercise, play, and socialise!

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