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Bureaucrat Shares Pic Of Old Indian Coins, Internet Says “Gone Are The Beautiful Era Of 90s”

The IAS officer posted an image showing six different Indian paise minted since the year 1968.

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Awanish Sharan frequently shares fascinating posts that pique the interest of internet users. This time, Mr Sharan took to Twitter to share a picture that left users, especially 90s kids, nostalgic. 

The IAS officer posted an image showing six different Indian paise minted since the year 1968. In the caption, he asked his followers if they had bought something with them. “Which of these coins have you bought something with?” Mr Sharan wrote in Hindi. 

Take a look below: 

Mr Sharan shared the picture just a few hours ago and since then his post has collected more than one million views and over 15,000 likes. Netizens were quick to react in the comment section. While some shared memories of buying something with the denominations, others simply wrote, “gone are the beautiful era of 90s”.

“God! So old. I remember we used to get chingum for 20 paise,” wrote one user. “50 paise – Eclairs, Paan pasand, mango bite,” commented another.

A third user said, “You missed 1 Paisa coin I guess. I had 10 such in class I and I felt I was a very rich person. Those were the days,” while a fourth added, “Nostalgia sir.. Sabhi use Kiya Hai (Have used all of them).”

“We used to take 10 Paise from each player as an individual contribution to play a match on Sunday. Gone are the beautiful era of 90s,” expressed fifth.

IAS Awanish Sharan is an avid social media user. Earlier this week, he shared a video showing a man’s unlikely friendship with a sarus crane. “Arif saved the life of an injured bird last year. Since then both are friends,” Mr Sharan wrote in the caption of his post.

The video quickly took the internet by storm. In the comment section, users were simply impressed by the special bond between the bird and the man. While some called it “True love”, others wrote, “Love has no boundaries”.

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