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Watch: Hyderabad Businessman Takes His New Helicopter To Temple For “Vahan Puja”

Boinpally Srinivas Rao, owner of Prathima Group, flew in an Airbus ACH-135 to the Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple for the special puja.

In India, it is customary to worship the gods and perform rituals for any news machine. That is why people bring newly purchased two-wheelers and four-wheelers to temples for “vahan puja,” (vehicle puja), which is a common sight in the country or in places where Indians are residing these days. But Boinpally Srinivas Rao, a businessman from Telangana, has taken this tradition to a whole new level. He flew his newly purchased helicopter to a temple for the rituals.

Boinpally Srinivas Rao is the owner of Prathima Group, a fast-emerging infrastructure company in India.

Mr. Rao flew to the Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple in Yadadri, about 100 kilometres from Hyderabad, in an Airbus ACH-135 for the special puja. His family members joined him on the flight.

The businessman and his family participated in the puja, which was led by three priests from the famous temple.

They carried out all of the rituals in front of the helicopter, which is said to be worth $5.7 million.

Watch the video here:

The visuals of this unusual “vahan puja” with the helicopter have gone viral on social media, and users seem to enjoy them.

According to Airbus’ website, “as one of Airbus’ most successful lightweight rotorcraft, the H135 is known for its endurance, compact build, low sound levels, reliability, versatility, and cost-competitiveness.”

Within the twin-engine category, the H135 has the lowest operating and maintenance costs. It can also perform a variety of missions and land almost anywhere, especially in high and hot weather, while carrying more payload over longer distances than other helicopters in its class.

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