Ever Heard Of Ice Cube Momos? Chef Ranveer Brar Is Here With This Experimental Dish

The experimental ice cube momos recipe has been viewed over 3.5 lakh times on Instagram so far.

  • Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar’s latest recipe has gone viral.
  • He shared a recipe for ice cube momos.
  • He used an ice cube tray to make the hearty delight.

For those who love momos, very few other foods can replace this steamed delight. The soft dumplings are a favourite for several people. As a dish, momos have pleased our tastebuds in every season. It also has diverse forms: some like it steamy and spiced up while others love it deep-fried and crunchy. For the foodies who can’t get over their love for momos, here’s an experimental recipe that is doing the rounds of the internet. Brace yourself for it: ice cube momos. Surprised by the name? Well, this form of momo was introduced by chef Ranveer Brar, who left us stunned by this experiment. Take a look:

The viral recipe isn’t like the original dumpling recipe. The stark difference is in the shape. Usually, momos are made by stuffing vegetables and meat pieces in a sheet of dough. The dough is sealed in the traditional way, using pleats and folds. Then, each momo is steamed before garnishing or frying it.

In the viral recipe, the momos are not separately made. Nor are they given the traditional shape. Instead, they are made by using an ice-cube tray. The tray holds the sheets of dough while the holes consist of the stuffing. This is steamed and served. The momo gets the shape of the ice cube tray.

Here’s The Full Recipe For Ice Cube Momos: 

  • You’ll need flour, oil, water, vinegar and salt to make the dough.
  • Rest the dough for a few minutes, and then roll it into thin sheets.
  • You can use cabbage, carrots, French beans, paneer, chillies, garlic and butter for the filling.
  • Add oil to the ice tray and then spread a layer of the dough sheet.
  • Place the filling, cheese and your favourite sauces in the holes of the tray.
  • Cover all of it with another sheet and cut the edges.
  • Keep it aside for a few minutes, and then steam it over water in a shallow pan.
  • Your momos are ready to be served.

Watch the full recipe video for Ice Cube momos by chef Ranveer Brar here:

So far, the video has been viewed over 820k times on YouTube, and the end product looked delicious and easy to make too. What are our thoughts on Ranveer Brar’s ice-cube momo? Will you make them soon? Tell us in the comments below.

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