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KAAL TRIGHORI : unique Suspense thriller starring Arbaaz khan, Rituparno sen and Mahesh Manjrekar may change the way you percieve thrillers

  • Director Nitin vaidya has already made buzz with Gujrati film toh laagi sharat
  • Arbaaz Khan is said to be quite excited about the script which is unique in its own right
  • Tariq Umar Khan known for his acclaimed Durgamati sets would be designing the production

There’s no shortage of upcoming movies to get excited about in the near future. Right from Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan which also stars Dipika Padukone along side to Brahmastra starring Ranbir and Alia to RRR, Film industry has found a new zone and it would not be superlative to say that film world has entered a new era after the covid pandemic hit the world and resulted into global lockdown. It has paved out a total new foot space for yet another chain of filmmakers who have this creative appetite which one could say is a mid way between western and Indian cinema.

Films in this so called new era promises a unique content, new variety of actors and breaks the monopoly of corporate world over releasing troubles. One film thats attracting the attention of all entertainment enthusiast is KAAL TRIGHORI. As the name suggests its a suspense thriller is being directed by Nitin Vaidya who already proved his mettle in his last flick “Toh lagi shart”. Nitin belongs to genus of directors who look for independence when it comes to creativity, blends realistic elements with the drama to get his audience engulfed with the course of the film and for this he opted for actors most suited for the roles. Arbaaz khan, Aditya shrivastava with Mahesh Manjrekar and Bengali star Rituparna ghosh.

Also the team that has been selected by Director producer Nitin Vaidya joining hands with Rahul Vaidya as producer is very promising and affirms their belief in content and quality. Kush Chhabra would be looking after the cinematography while Tariq Umar khan with his vast experience of realistic commercial cinema would be joining as production designer. Tariq brings the wide scale of commercial films like ‘pati patni aur wo’ in most recent to thriller like Durgawati and already has around 30+ films to his credit.

what impressed film critics the most is Nitin’s choice as director of choosing Rituparna sen out of all main stream hindi actresses and going all the way to bengal film world just for her eyes color, shows his commitment for the project. Film is already being shot near Rajkot at Ambika Niwas palace for its realistic grand look and slated to be realeased end of this year.

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