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Review Aafat-e-Ishq : Neha Sharma starrer misses the mark!

Comedy Drama
Director : Indrajit Nattoji
Cinematography : Shreya Gupta
Production Design : Tariq Umar Khan
Cast : Cast : Neha Sharma, Deepak Dobriyal, Namit Das, Amit Sial, Ila Arun,

A new movie is out on ZEE5, ‘Afat-e-Ishq’. Which is the official Hindi adaptation of the 2015 Hungarian film ‘Liza the Fox Ferry’. Liza was a black comedy film. That is, such a comedy, which jokes on taboo type topics. such as death. The trend of dark or black comedy is not common in India right now. Our work doesn’t work without being offhand. In such a situation, to know what kind of film ‘Afat-e-Ishq’ is, we watched the film.

The screenplay of the movie is average, and the direction given by Indrajit Nattoji is decent.The premise of the movie deals with the character Lallo, played by Neha. She is a loner in life and is seeking a partner through dating apps. But whoever comes close to her becomes the target of a mysterious death. What is the reason behind all these deaths and how Lallo is connected to them form the crux of the story.

Lallo, who finds life in stories and stories in life, fond of bookish tales, starts believing that she is the cursed red angel. Such a Shama which will burn itself, but the one who comes near the permit, it will also be burnt to ashes. Then will the life of Lallo really become like the dead colored butterflies sticking on the wall or will someone come, just like him, who will live in love with gusto!

despite being a remake of a foreign film, has no interesting premise. The film’s story is weak, the script (Indrajit Nattoji and Neha Bahuguna) is repetitive and fails to engage the audience. Whenever it seems that something surprising will happen next, then the film goes straight ahead.

Talking about other departments of the film, its sets and overall look of the film supported by camera work brings a ray of hope to this sinking ship. Right from first shot of trailer which shows a transition shot of night to day and then lively yet sober sets, jell so well with the story line, which is definitely going to bring initial audience to this drama, Tariq umar Khan successfully maintained the fine line of not going overboard with colors or too low with it, brought life to this remake.

The music is average. If Indrajit Nattoji, could have brought the Indian element to Aafat-e-Ishq little more crisply, then the matter would have been different. Film is produced by Zee 5 and worth a watch.

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