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Without underwear, Doja Cat amazes with a transparent dress

The singer came with that sensual outfit to the party that took place after the delivery of the Oscar, generating controversy among the attendees

Doja Cat always looks sassy both on stage and in her videos, but now she has made a splash by posing in a see-through dress, which revealed she was not wearing any underwear. In the photos she posted on her Instagram account(which have more than two million likes ) the singer also showed off her eye-catching jewelry and a wet look in her hair.


With that sensual galactic print outfit, the artist attended the party that was held on Sunday after the Oscar awards ceremony , in which she provoked ovations from the attendees by interpreting her best hits; the dress designer is Pierre-Louis Auvray .


Recently Doja Cat (whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini ) announced its new clothing line – made up of dresses, bikinis and accessories – launched in collaboration with the Pretty Little Thing brand . One of the promotionals had to be edited, because of the too sensual movements that the singer made.


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