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Meghan’s life ‘is idea of complete hell’ says Claudia Winkleman’s royal sister

Claudia Winkleman’s sister Sophie, who married into the Royal Family, has spoken out about Meghan Markle’s life and said that is her vision of “complete hell”.

Sophie, 40, married Lord Frederick Windsor, the son of Queen Elizabeth II’s first cousin Prince Michael, in 2009, but they did not stay in the UK for long, as they moved to Los Angeles the day after their wedding ceremony.

Sophie has since made a career in Hollywood, starring as Ashton Kutcher’s love interest, Zoey, in Two and a Half Men.

The sister of Strictly Come Dancing host Claudia, moved back to the UK in 2013 and has had a first hand experience of being a British royal living in America.

While her journey may be a “blueprint” for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, according to the Daily Mail, there are some stark differences that Sophie and Meghan have enjoyed while living in California.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are looking to forge a life in California
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are looking to forge a life in California

One similarity is that both will have children born on both sides of the Atlantic, with the British actress having daughter Maud in Los Angeles in 2013, while her second daughter Isabella was born in London, in 2016.

Meghan is echoing this with Archie arriving in London in 2019 while she announced during her controversial Oprah Winfrey interview that she is expecting a daughter in the summer.

Sophie has pointed out that this is where their lives take a fork in the road and she points out that her and Meghan are “terribly different people.”

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Sophie Winkleman has said that Meghan's life would be "complete hell"
Sophie Winkleman has said that Meghan’s life would be “complete hell”

Speaking to Insider, Sophie said: “I don’t think you can compare us. She’s on a humongous, mega, global scale, and that would be my idea of complete hell.

“I try to help my beloved causes at a very sort of roots level. I try and do it just by spreading the word organically through the people I know.”

“But I wouldn’t be able to cope with that level of intrusion for one minute.

“I’ve never been on Facebook, Twitter, any of it. I don’t like the thought of it.”

Sophie said that while she was filming Two and a Half Men, she was a relative unknown so she was able to stay under the radar.

Meghan Markle has had a lot of intrusions into her life
Meghan Markle has had a lot of intrusions into her life

She has been using her maiden name instead of her royal married last name of Windsor, and managed to keep her links to the royals a secret for the most part.

While Sophie is not a senior working royal, she still has some responsibilities to perform for the family as she has patronages and official events with the royals to attend.

The coronavirus lockdown has seen the Queen’s 95th birthday parade at Buckingham Palace cancelled and Sophie has described this as a “massive disappointment.”

She said: “It’s a joyful thing to be able to celebrate the Queen’s birthday because she’s very beloved.

“But it’s probably not hugely safe for that many people to gather. Thousands of people come and watch that, so it’s very responsible of them to not allow it to happen this year.”

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