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Republicans are already looking for Trump in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, ahead of the 2022 elections | The State

MIAMI, Florida – In the midst of impeachment in the Congress against the former president Donald trump For his role in the assault on the Capitol on January 6, which even led to the condemnation of some Republicans, figures from this party are now coming to his home in Florida to ask for your support for the midterm elections in 2022.

US media such as Fox News echoed this Friday of the meeting that the House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthyHe argued with Trump in his mansion Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach (southeast Florida), to study how the party can achieve a majority in the 2022 legislative elections.

The meeting, held on Thursday, comes just two weeks after Kevin McCarthy pointed out as guilty to Donald trump for the attack on Capitol which ended with five people dead.

But the Republican minority leader now argues that the Democratic Party, who has regained a majority in Congress, has “an agenda that divides us, like impeaching a president who is now a private citizen and destroying blue-collar energy jobs,” according to a statement from his campaign office.

McCarthy, who traveled to Florida in order to participate in fundraisers for the Republican PartyHe added to his agenda a visit to the former president that was not initially contemplated.

The meeting between the two Republicans was “cordial” and “very good”, and McCarthy’s page posted a portrait of both posing in one of the meeting rooms. Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s club in the town of Palm Beach where he has taken up residence after leaving the White House

“President Trump pledged to help elect Republicans in the House and Senate in 2022,” the California lawmaker said after the meeting.

“Mr. Trump’s Save America

He highlighted that in the elections last November, where the former president added more than 74 million votes, seven million less than Biden, “the Republicans in the House and the Trump administration achieved historic results for all Americans.”

“A united conservative movement will strengthen the ties of our citizens and defend the freedoms on which our country was founded,” McCarthy said after the meeting.

The political action committee “Mr. Trump’s Save America“He confirmed that the former president agreed to work with McCarthy to try to win a majority in the House next year.

“Your endorsement means more than maybe any endorsement at any time,” the committee added in a statement.

The McCarthy meeting is a new gesture by Republicans that reflects the desire of many of them to ingratiate themselves with Trump.

This week, a vote on a procedural motion, the vast majority of Republican senators opposed the impeachment of the former president, which predicts the possible failure of the process against the former president.

The same day that McCarthy and Trump met in Palm Beach, another ally of the former president, the representative for Florida Matt gaetz, went to Wyoming to criticize Liz cheney, a Republican congresswoman for this state and one of the five legislators of this party who voted in favor of impeachment against Trump.

Trump wants to remain politically present

Although secluded in his Palm Beach mansion, the meeting with the Republican minority leader in the Lower House reflects in passing that Donald Trump shows signs that he wants to remain present in politics.

The former president, moreover, is facing a possible violation of a 1993 agreement he made with the Palm Beach city council, by which he limits stays at his Mar-a-Lago club to seven consecutive days, in which he has been since he left the White House on January 20, that is more than a week.

Palm Beach Administrator Kirk Blouin has indicated that the local government is examining its options and that the matter could be discussed at the February meeting.

Palm Beach authorities received a formal letter from a neighbor last month requesting compliance with this clause, as Trump’s prolonged presence could lower property values.


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