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Applebee’s gives you 40 FREE Super Bowl wings. Find out how | The State

Applebee’s gives you 40 FREE Super Bowl wings. Find out how

In addition to the free wings, Applebee’s will make home deliveries at no extra cost.

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The Super Bowl will be next Sunday, February 7, and that means that you will need food and drink to enjoy it at ease. But since in these times of crisis it is best to save every penny, you could take advantage of a promotion that Applebee’s is launching.

And it is that on Sunday, February 7, Applebee’s will give 1.6 million free boneless wings to people across the country. Of course, to take advantage of the promotion you have to spend $ 40 or more and use the promotion code BIGGAME.

For this, you have to go to Applebees.com or the Applebee’s app and place your order. When you have the $ 40 dollars of purchases in your cart, add the 40 boneless wings for free and apply the promo code.

You can choose to put between classic spicy buffalo sauce, BBQ sauce with honey or Asian chili sauce, you can also order blue or ranch cheese dressing and celery to accompany, according to Yahoo!

Besides everything, Applebee’s is giving home deliveries at no extra cost.

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