Accused of murdering his mother with a shot to the head in NYC had already threatened her with death | The State

Accused of murdering his mother with a shot to the head in NYC, he had already threatened her with death

NYPD vehicles.

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A judge of Manhattan had imposed an order of protection on Jaiteh Fatuuomat, the mother who was killed by her son, as he had threatened to kill her in the middle of a violent incident last year.

“I’ll kill you,” Musa Camara, 22, said in an altercation in August according to a criminal complaint referred to this week by the New York Post.

The order prohibited Camara from approaching his mother.

The media report also indicates that the 39-year-old woman had a “panic button” in the house to alert police officers in case of emergency. New York Police Department (NYPD). The woman used the mechanism to alert the authorities before they killed him.

This did not prevent Camara from shooting him in the head around 9 a.m. Tuesday at the family apartment in Lehman Houses located on East 108th Street near Park Avenue, according to the NYPD report.

The charges were dropped because Fatuuomat, 39, did not cooperate with authorities to prosecute her son.

In the incident last summer, Camara allegedly smashed the home’s phone line and smashed his body into his mother’s.

Discussion started because the mother asked him to find a job

In Tuesday’s altercation, the woman had asked her son to find a job, an issue that sparked verbal discussion that escalated to physical violence.

After shooting the victim, the young man left the space towards East 100th Street where he shot a 29-year-old man, but did not hit him.

The reasons for the second attack are unknown.

Camara was detained shortly thereafter by authorities at 110th Street and Madison Avenue.

While in prison in the cell on murder charges, the young man took off his clothes. It is also unclear why.

Camara underwent a psychiatric examination to determine his mental state.


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