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They called Carolina Sandoval ‘The queen of fat’ for wearing a super tight girdle and posting this ‘Live’ | The State

The Venezuelan Carolina sandoval She is always inventing content but not without forgetting her role as a businesswoman, since she is the image of her own girdle brand among many other items that she sells through her website. So he decided to make a “Live” talking about the benefits of the girdle. In addition to that, he went through the work of ’undertaking’ even with a small company.

But, as is customary in the Venezuelan, she came out almost in her underwear or rather, in a girdle, caressing her curves and dancing. His usual detractors were relentless this time with “The Poisonous”. “Ridiculous”, “Poor girdle everything that must contain”, “This old butter that is going to explode at any moment”, “The queen of fat, what you have to do to gain followers” Y “Madam, you have a family respect that you have no figure to walk in those”, were some of the most forceful comments that could be read in the account of Instagram of the journalist.

However, another group that was the majority, let it be known that literal “They died of laughter with their occurrences” And till “They thanked him for laughing at them in the midst of the pandemic situation facing the world”. There is no doubt that the former driver of Tell me what you know he always makes noise generating all kinds of reactions, but staying in the arena of Hispanic entertainment.

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