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Juan José Origel could be investigated in the US for being vaccinated against Covid-19 | The State

It was recently that Juan Jose Origel generated controversy after revealing in social networks an image where a nurse appeared injecting it, since he had traveled to Miami, Florida, to receive the vaccine from Covid-19.

The same publication that triggered criticism from Internet users, but especially from Latino residents of the United States, who assured that getting an appointment to get immunized is not easy, and They regretted that a foreigner managed to get vaccinated earlier, thanks to his purchasing power and his influences.

Information that did not go unnoticed by the American press, who took up the driver’s tweet to show what he did: “Mexican presenter under fire after going to Florida to get the Covid-19 vaccine,” the outlet wrote in a tweet.

For what the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, indicated that it is feasible for Miami residents to be vaccinated, but not tourists and asked people to know cases of people who have gone to that state only to get vaccinated, report it:

“Someone is not allowed to enter Florida one day to get the vaccine and leave the next. We ask that all suspicious incidents be reported immediately to the appropriate county health department, ”clarified the governor.

Also, knowing the many cases of people who as tourists go to get vaccinated, as was the case of Juan José, the Florida Department of Health, indicated that it will investigate:

“It is absolutely forbidden for someone to enter Florida one day to receive the vaccine and leave the next. We ask that all suspicious incidents be reported to the county health department corresponding immediately, ”said the communication chief of the health department, Jason mahon.

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