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Democrats seek to expeditiously pass Biden's plan with $ 1,400 checks despite opposition from republications | The State

Democrats seek to expeditiously pass Biden's plan with $ 1,400 checks despite opposition from republications

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer at a press conference Tuesday.

Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

As soon as a third stimulus check could be approved in the Federal House of Representatives As part of a new economic rescue package for coronavirus, it would be next week, but everything will depend on how much the congressmen in that legislative body manage to speed up prior procedures before any vote.

The spokeswoman for the Democrats in that legislative body Nancy pelosi He said at the beginning of the meeting that his delegation streamlines the legislative process as much as they can, and that, as part of the process, the committees in charge of voting for the legislative piece before it goes to the plenary session would do so at the end of this week.

Once that is done, the legislation is “completely ready” to be passed in the House, Pelosi said.

However, earlier this Thursday there were no indications that that preliminary process has been completed.

President Joe biden has committed to its “Economic Rescue Plan” valued at $ 1.9 billion under the argument that the stimulus checks of the second round still distributed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are not enough to pull millions of families affected by the impact of the fiscal hole out of the fiscal hole. coronavirus.

The stimulus legislation must pass both houses of Congress before Biden signs it and takes effect.

Division by order to reduce scope of the third stimulus check

Already some Republicans have exhausted reservations to a third stimulus check on the grounds that the new payments should be targeted or directed to those most in need in order to reduce the number of people who would be eligible.

It must be considered that the process of evaluating a new stimulus package could be extended not only due to the aforementioned differences between congressmen. The discussion of other measures also complicates the early approval of new aid for Americans affected by the pandemic.

Other issues on the legislative agenda

Other bills are also debated in Congress, such as the new immigration reform presented by Biden and the Impeachment or impeachment against former President Donald Trump in the Senate.

Possible scenario in the Senate

The leader of the Democrats in that legislative body, Chuck schumer, did not rule out that members of his delegation use the mechanism known as “reconciliation” to expeditiously pass the Biden package in the Senate next week.

Through that medium, Democrats can unilaterally give way to legislation with just 51 votes, while avoiding the supermajority of 60 required to pass most legislation.


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