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Danilo Carrera ended up with his partner due to COVID-19, says Raúl de Molina | The State

Yes, as you read in the title. That is the theory of Raul de Molina. Since Danilo Carrera Y Michelle Renaud, they announced their separation, there were many rumors of the reasons but …

Without a doubt the most original is without a doubt Raul de Molina. According to the driver of ‘The fat and the skinny’, the couple ended up because of the coronavirus. Yes, as you read it and your amazement is the same as that of his partner Lili estefan.

El Gordito said in the afternoon show of Univision that the confinement, the one that gave both of them COVID-19 had influenced: “He got coronavirus, and he was like 10, 15 days without being able to leave. He was in the house, I don’t know if she was there … And Lili, what happens to many people with the pandemic, how many people are not getting divorced because they could not put up with their wives at home “he said to Flaca’s surprise.

Lili did not agree very much with Raúl’s theory, as she assures that with or without COVID-19, couples separate anyway.



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