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Massive East Coast Internet Outage Disrupts Remote Work and Online Classes | The State

Massive internet outage on east coast disrupts remote work and online classes

Verizon acknowledged the service disruption.

RYAN MCBRIDE / AFP / Getty Images

Many people from the East coast of the United States were without internet during part of Tuesday due to Verizon Fios service problems.

Tens of thousands of people reported outages in Boston, New York, Washington and other nearby locationsaccording to Downdetector.com, a website that tracks complaints about service interruptions. Those affected also indicated that there had been interruptions in services such as Gmail, Zoom or Slack.

Verizon acknowledged the disruption to its service, although it did not say whether problems with Fios were the main cause of unreliable customer access to various Internet services. Google (GOOGL), Slack and Zoom did not say if they had any problems.

“We are aware of an issue affecting the quality of Fios service throughout the Northeast corridor,” said Rich Young, a Verizon spokesman. “Our network team is fully committed. We are working on the origin and already we’ve seen service levels begin to reestablishHe added.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said it is investigating the outages.

“We have seen reports of internet related outages on the East Coast, which makes it difficult for people to work remotely and go to school online“FCC Acting President Jessica Rosenworcel said in a tweet.


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