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Ikea to start selling furniture parts that used to be free

In addition to selling spare parts, Ikea also entered the second-hand market.

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The furniture store chain, Ikea, plans to sell spare parts for its furniture. Here would include items such as legs and covers for sofa and armrests, plus spare nuts and bolts. Currently, the company gives these nuts and bolts free.

Your goal is to extend the life of your products and dispel the idea that you manufacture disposable items. Ikea announced that they are still in the planning process, so there is no start date for this change yet.

To make your furniture last longer for people, Ikea will sell these pieces so that people just fix it and don’t have to throw it away.

Last year, Ikea entered the second-hand furniture market, buying people some old furniture from its own lines. That is, if you have an old Ikea furniture, you could sell it back, as reported on CNN.

Take into account that, instead of receiving cash, the store will give you vouchers worth up to 50% of the original price of the furniture. These vouchers can be spent in the store.

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