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He finds out that his girlfriend was unfaithful to him through a clandestine party video | The State

In various parts of the world, the authorities have decided to deploy night operations to reprimand people who, despite warnings by the coronavirus pandemic, have not respected the issue of social distancing by parties clandestinely.

Precisely, one of these parties held last weekend in a house in the town of Santo Tomé, in Corrientes, Argentina, went viral, and not only because a group of young people decided to break the rules, but because dInadvertently, an infidelity came to light.

A user on Twitter shared a video that someone took just when the boys were evicted from the house where the party was taking place and when he looked at it in detail, he discovered that one of those involved was his girlfriend, who was with another boy, holding hands.

A user identified with Ramiro Benítez said he was the one deceived and that that day, his girlfriend told him that he would go to sleep early, so she was surprised to see her at the party and especially with another man who was not him.


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