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Princess Andre shares look at 'typical night' as Peter is tickled on the floor

Princess Andre has shared a look into a “typical night” with her family – including dad Peter writhing about on the floor.

Peter arm wrestles with eldest son Junior, 16, before wife Emily turned him onto his back to tickle his belly.

13-year-old Princess can be heard laughing in the background, captioning the cute clip: “The typical night with family, we love winding dad up, IGNORE MY LAUGH.”

Fans were glad to see Peter so active again after his Covid battle left him “extremely tired and unwell.”

But after making a full recovery, he even accompanied doctor wife Emily to get the first of her two vaccine jabs yesterday.

Peter Andre is tickled by wife Emily
Peter wriggled about as Emily tickled him

And their evening of larking about came after Emily documented fun in the snow with her and Pete’s two young kids, Amelia and Theo.

They made brownie balls in the kitchen dusted with sugar, before Theo headed outside to build a snowman even taller than himself.

Meanwhile, Pete denied that he’s going grey after a recent YouTube video saw fans brand him an emergent silver fox.

Writing in his new! magazine column, Pete laughed: “It’s very nice of people to say, because some of the best people in the world are silver foxes, like George Clooney.

Peter and Junior Andre arm-wrestle
Peter arm-wrestled with his eldest

Emily Andre tickles her husband Peter
Emily turned him over and started tickling

“But I have to say that although under certain lights my hair does look grey, I’m pretty proud that I don’t have that many grey hairs, considering I’m turning 48 next month!”

He added that his 87-year-old dad still has his lustrous black locks to this day, so Pete’s remaining hopeful.

The video also saw Emily’s trip to be vaccinated.

Peter Andre with daughter Princess and son Junior
Pete laughed when fans branded him a silver fox

During Pete’s own struggle with the bug, he became the target of sick Covid conspiracy theorists who claimed he’d faked his diagnosis, while others told him the virus doesn’t exist.

“I get people – I kid you not – I has somebody yesterday send me a message saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re being a puppet for the media, trying to tell people that this virus is real’,” he explained.

“I had somebody say ‘you disgust me’, ‘we never saw your thing from the NHS saying you were positive’, because what am I gonna do, just put it up on the screen?”

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