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Baby does the unthinkable during ultrasound | The State

On the Instagram account @bebesymas it was shared a video that has caused a sensation. Is about an ultrasound performed on a pregnant woman, where it shows a rather curious and peculiar moment that you’ve surely never seen before.

In the baby you can see a baby boy, which surprised his parents during the ultrasound as they captured it in the exact moment when you urinate inside your mother’s womb.

In this publication it is explained that babies, between weeks 12 and 13 of gestation, begin to take small sips of amniotic fluid. This is absorbed and filtered, to later be released into the uterine space when the fetus urinates.

After the 20th week of pregnancy, 90% of the amniotic fluid is made up of fetal urine. This indicates that the baby’s kidneys have developed well and are working properly.


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