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3 Masks The CDC Recommends You DO NOT Buy | The State

3 masks the CDC recommends you DO NOT buy

Masks are now essential and you should know which one you should buy.

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Masks have become an indispensable product due to the spread of the pandemic. Therefore, it is best that you know well which is the best for you to buy and which ones are not. Next, we tell you what you should avoid at all costs.

1 – Mask with valves

You should NOT buy masks that have exhalation valves or vents that allow virus particles to escape.

Exhalation valves, which make it easier to breathe with masks on, are appropriate when the mask is intended to protect the user.

For example, masks with valves can protect workers from dust on a construction site or hospital workers from infected patients. But if you have the virus, you could infect those around you.

Remember that the face masks recommended by the CDC are those that can protect people who do not use them. This will reduce the spread of the virus, according to Yahoo!

2 – Do not buy masks for health workers

These masks include N95 respirators or surgical masks. The reason is that These items should remain reserved for healthcare workers and other medical responders, so if you buy them, you could cause a shortage.

3 – Do not buy masks that make breathing difficult

Don’t buy masks that are made of fabric that makes it difficult to breathe, such as vinyl. The CDC recommends buying one that has two or more layers of washable and breathable fabric.

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