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Maura Higgins says she's had flings with women as she opens up on baby plans

Maura Higgins says she has enjoyed experiences with woman before but knows the only person she wants now is Chris Taylor.

Now she is desperate for him to put a ring on it before they begin making family plans.

The Love Island stars started dating last year but things seem to be moving very fast for the red hot couple.

Irish stunner Maura, 30, has been opening up about her life and sexuality as she discussed what the future has in store.

Telling The Sun on Sunday she has been with women in the past, she knows who she wants to settle down with after falling for Chris since they got together last April – but there’s one things she seems to really, really want.

Maura Higgins says she has experienced both men and woman
Maura Higgins says she has experienced both men and woman

“I’ve experienced women, but I feel like growing up it’s good to experience things when you’re young,” she said.

“I don’t know if people question my sexuality. For me it’s definitely men – well I would say men, but it’s Chris.”

But they don’t plan on having a family in the near future.

She added: “We’re very much in love and we use the L-word a lot. I look into the future and see myself with a family.

Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor
Now she wants Chris to start thinking about getting hitched

“I don’t want a baby any time soon, but when I’m ready and settled. I want to be married before I have a baby, so Chris better hurry up and give me that engagement ring, because I’m not getting any younger.”

Maura snapped last week after being constantly bombarded with nasty messages from trolls.

They accused her of editing her pictures – something she passionately denies.

She posted pictures proving that she only ever displays her natural look, and only edits the lighting like most people.

Chris Taylor and Maura Higgins look great together
They got together last April but things are moving fast

She wrote: “My DMs are just flooded with trolls atm claiming I over use the smooth tool & enhance my eyeballs!

“Should I really apologise for having good skin really? And the trick to making your eyes pop is just good lighting and ‘white eyeliner’ I like to just up the brightness and detail my outfit!”

She added: “The pressures of social media can really affect people so maybe think twice about jumping into somebody’s DMs with abuse about their image.

“You really don’t know what is going on in a person’s life so please just BE KIND, it costs nothing!”

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